A composite philosophy

Once reserved for the aerospace and motorsport elite, the use of composites are becomming more and more widespread. Their exceptional strength to weight ratio, impeccable corrosion resitance and the ability to withstand high temperature applications are just some of the reasons why composites are a highly desirable material for many performance applications.

We serve a wide variety of industries from automotive, motorsport, marine, to mainstram consumer products and more.

  • 3D Printed Dissolvable Composite Mandrels
  • Glass Fibre/Carbon Fibre
  • Aluminium/Nomex Honeycomb
  • Wet Lay Up & Pre Preg
  • Auto Clave & out-of Auto Clave Processes
  • Prototype Components
  • Low Volume Production
  • Repairs
  • Carbon Sheet Supply/Sandwich Panels

Here at IEL we are passionate about the advantages of composite components and we will continue to champion the need for reducing weight and increasing performance and efficiency.

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